An automated flight and crew management system that is full-featured, affordable, innovative, and expertly supported. With its scalable, cloud-based platform, and optional modules, SkedFlex is the ideal choice for aviation organizations.

Crew Management

The crew management module, anchored by its rules engine, keeps airlines operating safely and efficiently.

  • Clear and Accurate Crew Tracking

    Flight, duty, and rest limits for parts 107(drone operations), 107(drone operations), 117, 121 (flight attendants), 121 (supplemental), 125, and 135 scheduled & non-scheduled rule sets governed by the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (FARs) and section 700 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

  • Qualification Tracking

    Training and proficiency for crewmembers, dispatchers, maintenance personnel, and others is a core capability in SkedFlex using early/base/grace month US rules and 90 early/60 early/base month Canadian rules. Qualification grouping into Master Quals ensures all required training and currency for members are maintained. Qual completion events scheduled via drag/drop and signed off electronically.

  • Rules Engine

    The Rules Engine provides a detailed and readily accessible account of required Federal Aviation Regulations for any country. Company specific rules can also be added and tracked.

  • Training & Vacation Scheduling

    Automated vacation and training tracking monitors for specific shift types and schedule codes and plots them on one page. In a single view, the summary of an organization's vacation and training status is readily available in an easy to understand graphical format.

  • Trip Trading & Reserve Handling

    Extensive trade board for swapping, dropping, and picking up trips and shifts from other crew members in the same category. Reserve handling for long call reserves (LCR), short call reserves (SCR), and airport standby reserves (ASR).

  • Mobile Access with SMS notifications

    Manage and improve schedules anywhere, anytime. Enjoy check-in functions and flight log management on your mobile device. This service is highly customizable and allows crew members to receive notifications via SMS, email, or both.

Flight Operations Management

SkedFlex is designed to integrate with industry-standard data formats to minimize set-up time and better manage scheduling and aircraft tracking.

  • SSIM Schedule Import

    Import flight schedules using the standard SSIM (Standard Schedules Information Manual from IATA) format to quickly populate monthly schedules with flight segments.

  • Aircraft Tracking

    Aircraft Tracking with Gantt view for all flight details. Choose from one to seven days in a single view.

  • Flight & Shift Templates

    Smart templates for quick creation and assignment of routine shifts, charters, and ad-hoc flights.

  • Route Building

    Use named flight sequence routes that operate within a specified date range and on specific days for use in crew scheduling.

  • Automated OOOI

    Automated OOOI (OUT, OFF, ON, and IN) times captured from ACARS, TAMDAR, and AFIRS equipped aircraft.

  • Complete Flight Log Tracking

    See every flight, including passenger counts, cargo, fuel, times, et al. Equipped with movement message interface to external systems to transmit all aircraft movements in real-time.

Additional Modules

SkedFlex offers these additional optional modules to further enhance the overall functionality and help improve your operations.

  • Crew Pay

    Crew Pay ensures pay accuracy and accountability, freeing employees and administrators to focus on productivity, not paperwork. Exporting pay data is easy—virtually any external system is supported for payroll processing.

  • Fleet Management

    The SkedFlex Fleet Management module provides aircraft schedulers and maintenance personnel comprehensive tools to create and manage aircraft fleet schedules. Scheduled inspections can be entered manually or created via an integration with your Maintenance system and burn-down to the inspections is easily viewed in calendar format. Additionally, What-If scenarios can help manage the flight schedule in relation to upcoming maintenance events.

  • Flight Planning

    Next-generation 4D Flight Planning System composed of a cloud-based flight planning engine, and a configurable dispatch client application with a companion mobile application. Use as a system or choose the flight planning engine to power your dispatch client application. A cloud-based Hub using industry-standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) serves as the integration point with third-party services and other operations systems.

  • Line Bidding or PBS

    Line Bidding allows crew schedulers to build lines for crew bidding and allows crew members to establish standing bid criteria or further modify their bids as they desire. PBS allows the crew to bid on trips and schedule criteria which schedulers can then use to build entire bid lines.

  • Training Management

    In addition to and managing the crewmember currency and qualification values, the QTMS provides the capability to manage all individual training items and events leading to the completion of the required qualification(s); record training from an offline mobile device during the instructional event; and subsequently uploads all data to SkedFlex FCMS. Classrooms and simulator slots are also scheduled in QTMS and those resources are tied to trainer and trainee schedules automatically.

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