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Next-generation 4D Flight Planning System composed of a cloud-based flight planning engine, a configurable Flight Planning and Dispatch client application, and a companion mobile application. Use as a system or choose the flight planning engine to power your dispatch client application. A cloud-based Hub using industry-standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) serves as the integration point with third-party services and other operating systems.


  • Use the latest technology to minimize the cost of development and maintenance.
  • Scalable - Amazon Web Services (AWS) or internally hosted.
  • Focus on flexibility, from both a technical and user perspective.
  • Modern architecture that supports high reliability and availability.
  • Configurable to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and their unique requirements and workflow.
  • Ease of integration with other operations systems and data sources.
  • Built with cross-platform flexibility but cloud-first a priority.
  • Quick and easy to spin up new customr environments with cloud-based or internal customer data center.
  • Every customer has their own environment - no sharing of resources.

  • User Interface

    Highly configurable, providing the ability for Flight Planners and Dispatchers to set up their environment to accommodate their own processes and workflow.

  • The Hub

    The Hub is the integration point for the system. An open architecture allows for easy integration with other systems.

  • Flight Plan Engine

    The Engine calculates the optimized flight plan based on the inputs and constraints set up in the aircraft database.

  • Administrator Console

    The web-based Administrator Application is a web application that is the User Interface for Administrators to update the system settings and configuration.

  • Flight Following

    Increases operational awareness by showing in-progress flights on a chart with text and graphical weather overlay.

  • Dashboard iOS Application

    The app is a companion to the Flight Planning and Dispatch client allowing the ability to track the flights they are responsible for.

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