For Compliance With RegulationsThe Sky is the Limit

Canadian Aviation Regulations Deadline: December 2022

Canadian Aviation Regulations Deadline: December 2022

The Sky is the Limit when you use the SkedFlex Flight and Crew Management System (FCMS) for managing your operation. Utilizing our user-friendly interface and powerful rules engine, we ensure that you are fully compliant with the CAR’s that will impact the 704 and 703 operators at the end of the year. More than 20 clients have benefited from our proven implementation process, which allows us to quickly get you up and running with our system to ensure that you are ready when the new rules take effect.

WHY CREW MEMBERS LOVE SkedFlex FCMS: Crew have complete visibility of their schedules via the web and a mobile app and can use our intuitive trip-trading module in FCMS which allows for easy scheduling and shift trading.

WHY OPERATION TEAMS TRUST SkedFlex FCMS: SkedFlex FCMS is constantly monitoring the legal status of crews as the operation adjusts to outside influences such as delays and crew availability, and provides the visibility necessary to keep your airline on-time, in-the-air, and compliant.

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