Could a real-time backup crew management system prevent a billion-dollar loss for an airline?

by Tom LaJoie, President and CEO at eTT Aviation

During a recent conversation with a colleague, I expressed my desire to offer up a real-time backup Flight and Crew Management System (FCMS) that could act as an insurance policy for airlines against major losses due to system failures.

The recent outage at Southwest Airlines that resulted in over $1 billion in losses is a prime example of why such a hot-swappable backups is needed. With our existing technology, we could integrate with an airline’s flight and crew management system on a real-time basis and capture all their flights and crew schedules. Since we also provide a full FCMS product fully compliant with US rules (FARs) and Canadian rules (CARs), an airline can have a real-time backup in case of system failures, which could prevent devastating outcomes.

This innovation is something that has not been done before by an airline, although hot-swappable backups are very common in other industries, and the stakes are just as high!

At eTT Aviation, our primary concern is to help people in the aviation industry enjoy a better quality of life by having better control of their schedules and fewer surprises.

As system failures and ransomware attacks become more prevalent in the aviation industry, having a backup system in place is more critical than ever. I am eager to explore this new market and bring this exciting new concept to airlines worldwide.

Happy to discuss further – contact for more information.

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