Improving Employee Quality of Life Through Automated Shift/Trip Trading

Simply put, life is better with SkedFlex.

Since 2002, eTT Aviation has helped improve aviation companies’ bottom line while increasing employee satisfaction and quality of life. SkedFlex is eTT Aviation’s full-featured, affordable, innovative, expertly supported Air Operations Suite designed to automate flight and crew management systems. Airlines who use SkedFlex benefit from tangible results like reduced operating costs, lower administrative workloads, greater efficiency, enhanced safety, and increased scheduling flexibility. Our software provides aviation companies an alternative to the traditional crew and flight scheduling process to better meet the needs of all airline administration, crew, and ground members.

The importance of a healthy work-life balance

Considering we spend on average 40 hours every week at our place of employment, how we feel at work greatly influences how we feel in general about our lives. Airlines that provide tool to their employees to create a healthy work-life balance will not only increase employee morale and satisfaction, they will also promote their bottom line. At eTT Aviation, we believe companies should invest in improving their employees’ quality of work-life for 3 reasons:

1) Happy employees are more productive!
According to an economic study from the University of Warwick, employee productivity increases on average by 12% when employees feel happy. On the other hand, an unhappy employee exhibits on average 10% less productivity. Our research has shown that giving employees more control over their work schedule is one of the most direct and effective ways to improve employees’ work satisfaction and overall happiness.

2) Increased employee morale means less turnover!

Thanks to the increased flexibility SkedFlex affords to airline employees by allowing them to manage their own schedules, our customers consistently report increases levels of crew morale. This translates into lower absenteeism and turnover: a win/win proposition for air carriers and employees alike.

3) Increasing employee quality of life reduces operational costs!

Because happy employees are more productive and increased company morale begets lower turnover and absenteeism, aviation companies who invest in improving their employees’ quality of life benefit from reduced operational costs. Furthermore, SkedFlex saves companies valuable administrative time by automizing many previously time-consuming or tedious scheduling tasks.

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Hailey LaJoie

Special Projects Manager

eTT Aviation

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