SkedFlex Vertical

USS LAANC Statement

eTT Aviation is a provider of UAS services within the FAA’s Low-Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC).

LAANC may be used to satisfy compliance with Air Traffic authorization. Information provided here is based on real-time and available projected information on airspace status and airport-specific maps, and that information is subject to change.

Planning tools should be checked prior to flight for any changes that could impact the operation.

Data Protection

SkedFlex Vertical is a LAANC service provided by eTT Aviation.

1. USS Information Collection

1.1. LAANC Information

SkedFlex Vertical collects Operation data from Operators as part of providing LAANC services. This data includes but is not limited to all attributes of Operations and their components, FAA Approval Status and Operator Contact Information.

1.2. Technical Information

SkedFlex Vertical collects data from the Operator user-agent for operations and maintenance purposes. This data includes but is not limited to Browser, Operating System, IP Address, Software Versions, Page Interactions and Errors Encountered.

2. Information Retention

Active data including but not limited to Operator Credentials and Contact Information will not be removed unless requested by the Operator in accordance with the data destruction request guidelines below.

Inactive data such as Past Operations, FAA Information related to Past Operations and Technical Information will be automatically purged two years after the data is no longer required as part of providing LAANC services.

3. Information Sharing

SkedFlex Vertical is provided by eTT Aviation. eTT Aviation may use any and all data collected by SkedFlex Vertical for internal business and operations purposes including but not limited to product improvement and maintenance.

eTT Aviation may share information with contractors and companies contracted by eTT Aviation as part of providing the SkedFlex Vertical service. Their use of this data will follow this document.

eTT Aviation will provide LAANC Data and related Technical Information to the FAA pursuant to law, federal regulation, the LAANC Memorandum of Agreement and the LAANC Performance Rules.

eTT Aviation may share information with United States government agencies and their agents for a specific law enforcement purpose.

4. User Information Requests

4.1. Information Access Requests

At any time operators may request a copy of their personal LAANC data and all personal information stored with their account by contacting eTT Support. This data will be provided within 30 days in machine readable format.

4.2. Information Deletion Requests

Active data such as outstanding pending or approved operations may not be deleted.

Personal information tied to active data, such as a user account with approved, uncompleted, operations may not be deleted. If an operator wishes to delete their user account or contact information they must cancel all outstanding operations before sending eTT Aviation a request for deletion.

eTT Aviation retains SkedFlex Vertical information for a minimum of 90 days to assist with operations, maintenance and support. Information which has been inactive for over 90 days may be deleted upon request from the operator.