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Does SkedFlex support multiple rulesets?

Can crewmembers trade schedule items in SkedFlex?

Air Operations Suite mentions both SkedFlex and MISA – are these two different products or are they integrated?

Can I sync my ICal or Google Cal with my SkedFlex calendar?

How does Reserve staffing work and how does it relate to the reserve pool?

How is bidding handled?

How do I create flight schedules?

I have students and need a way to create and track lessons, progress, and funds. Is there a way to do this?

How will my dispatches know when an aircraft is in maintenance and cannot be scheduled for a flight?

How can I ensure that only pilots who are qualified to fly a specific aircraft are put on the schedule?

Do you have timeclock capabilities that allow my employees to clock in and work on specific tasks?

Can MISA track Flight Hour versus Over and Above cost?

We manage the Government fleet of aircraft and cannot record individual flights, but we need to be able to track flight hours, landings, and engine cycles by day. Can MISA do that?

Can MISA handle Government Contracts?

How granular can I get when retrieving data?

I have multiple locations, will your product work for me?

How is MISA licensed?

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