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All great things begin with a vision and continue with commitment and dedication. 

Our vision began with founder and CEO Tom LaJoie’s efforts to improve the lives of his fellow pilots and aviation professionals. 

As a United Airlines pilot and former military pilot, Tom knows well that aviation is an amazing industry to be involved with, but has traditionally required sacrifices, particularly regarding the quality of life and family events around scheduled time off. 

Tom’s revolutionary ideas led to our initial product, eTripTrader in 2002.  (And we’re so proud of our heritage, we’ve kept eTT as our company name to celebrate our eTripTrader origins!) 

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Since then, the company has evolved a suite of cloud-based software solutions including popular modules – SkedFlex crew management suite, the Flight Planning module, and the MISA (Management Information System for Aviation) which includes accounting, maintenance, inventory, flight operations, employee training, human resources, payroll, technical publications, Government contract management, and flight school operations.

Staying on top of industry developments, we’ve also developed the leading Drone Operations software, eTT SkedFLex  Vertical. 

Operating an Airline Safely and Efficiently Under Multiple Rulesets

Operating an airline safely and efficiently under multiple regulatory rulesets in the US such as 14 CFR parts 117, 121, and 135 and in Canada under CARs 703, 704 and 705 requires modern, sophisticated tools. The SkedFlex Flight & Crew Management System offers the tools to manage complicated scheduling and tracking qualifications, currencies, flight time, duty time and rest, all while providing our customers with First Class Customer Support.

The next step in developing a highly effective operation.

eTT Aviation’s Management Information System for Aviation (MISA) provides aviation companies with comprehensive tools to manage their business, including accounting, maintenance, inventory, flight operations, employee training, human resources, payroll, technical publications, and government contract management operations.

Seamless, hassle-free Flight Planning.

SkedFlex Flight Planning uses cutting-edge technology and algorithms to find the most cost-effective route and altitude profile for your flight. By optimizing your flight plan, you can save money on each flight while reducing your carbon footprint and improving on-time performance. Contact us to learn more about how our system can help you achieve your goals.

Flight Planning




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Revolutionizing Crew Pay

Revolutionizing Crew Pay: 

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