eTT Aviation is committed to the Aviation Industry and doing our part by participating with various organizations.


We are actively involved with the regional airline community!

Alaska Air Carriers Association

The Alaska Air Carriers Association (AACA) was established in 1966 by a cohort of air carriers in Southeast Alaska. Today, members comprise more than 40 air carriers and over 40 associate members whose companies support our industry, consisting of major and regional airlines, air tour operators, single pilot operators, aviation maintenance companies, UAV companies, and many others. AACA stands in solidarity to preserve and perpetuate aviation in Alaska. Each member adds authority to our voice in the regulatory and legislative arenas.

eTT Aviation is a proud associate member of AACA supporting our current clients and Alaska Aviation as a whole.

Airline Dispatchers Federation

The Airline Dispatchers Federation represents the professional interests of the dispatch profession. ADF’s constituency is comprised of licensed aircraft dispatchers and operational control professionals from aerospace companies, regional and cargo carriers and every major U.S. airline. The vast majority of airline passengers traveling each day in the United States, do so under the watchful eye of ADF members.

eTT is pleased to support the organization through our sponsorship and attending the Annual Summit.

Regional Air Carriers Association

The Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association is dedicated to representing and serving the interests of member Part 135 and Part 121 cargo carriers. One of RACCA’s primary goals has been, and will continue to be, enhancing the safety of all-cargo flight operations. Toward this end, the association maintains a formal committee dedicated to aviation safety, joining other RACCA panels focused on regulatory reform and security. The association’s members and leadership have been actively involved with the FAA’s ongoing rulemaking and informal discussions with industry on ways in which the safety of specific flight operations may be enhanced, all without unduly impacting efficiency or creating other, unanticipated hazards.

eTT has several clients that are member of RACCA, and we are an Associate member of RACCA. Our president, Tom LaJoie, also serves on the Associate Member Council to work closely with the association’s leadership to provide early warning of industry-based trends of all sizes and types and, when necessary, help develop appropriate responses.