SkedFlex Airline Flight Planning Software

Next-generation Flight Planning System composed of a cloud-based flight planning engine and a configurable Flight Planning and Dispatch client application. A cloud-based Hub using industry-standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) serves as the integration point with third-party services and other operating systems. Use all the components as a complete system or choose the flight planning engine to power your client application.

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Flight and Crew Management System

Management Information System for Aviation

Optimized Flight Planning

Using the latest technology and algorithms, SkedFlex Flight Planning is designed to find the optimum route and altitude profile for your flight to ensure you are operating in the most cost-effective way.

User Interface

The UI is highly configurable to provide the ability for Flight Planners and Dispatchers to set up their environment to accommodate their own processes and workflow.

The Hub

The Hub is the integration point for the system. An open architecture allows for easy integration with other systems.

Flight Plan Engine

The Engine calculates the optimized flight plan based on user inputs, wind, and temperature data, along with any constraints that must be considered.

Administrator Console

The web-based Administrator Console is the User Interface for Administrators to configure the system for their specific requirements.

Flight Following

Increases operational awareness by displaying in-progress flights on a chart with text and graphical weather overlay.