SkedFlex MISA - Airline Management Software

eTT Aviation's SkedFlex MISA offers an integrated solution for aviation management, combining tools for accounting, maintenance, inventory, and flight operations with training, HR, payroll, technical documentation, government contracts, and flight school management. This comprehensive system streamlines processes, improving efficiency across diverse operational areas in aviation companies.

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Seek Improved Efficiency

The aviation industry has relied on SkedFlex MISA for more than two decades to manage its business operations effectively with our proven, stable, and user-friendly tools.


SkedFlex MISA revolutionizes aviation maintenance management by merging planning, forecasting, and tracking. This approach empowers maintenance teams to focus on their core work—aircraft servicing—while enabling managers to efficiently oversee costs, revenues, and the generation of detailed maintenance invoices, enhancing operational efficiency and financial transparency.


MISA seamlessly integrates accounting across its platform, enhancing financial management with detailed insights into balance sheets, income statements, and trial balances. It's designed for compatibility, able to gather and transfer data to existing accounting systems, ensuring a streamlined financial workflow for aviation companies.

Inventory Management

MISA's inventory management system meticulously records every transaction, from procurement and repairs to installations and overhauls. This robust tracking ensures precise audit trails for control, compliance, and asset valuation, optimizing aviation inventory processes.


MISA's purchasing module simplifies the management of repairs, purchases, warranties, and vendor performance, offering a comprehensive solution that streamlines procurement processes. This module enhances operational efficiency by facilitating easy oversight of the entire purchasing lifecycle, ensuring that aviation businesses can maintain high standards of quality and reliability in their supply chain.

Human Resources

MISA's Human Resources (HR) module is designed to enhance workforce management by accurately tracking employee information, labor allocation across diverse pay codes, and multiple work orders. It simplifies HR processes by generating an exportable payroll file that seamlessly integrates with various payroll services.


MISA's payroll module adopts a comprehensive approach, enabling the creation of payroll weeks and periods with versatility for unique payroll needs, including special adjustments and pays for government programs and hazardous duties, ensuring adaptability and thoroughness in payroll management for aviation industries.

Labor Tracking

MISA's labor tracking module offers comprehensive management of work hours, cost, and billing, alongside scheduling, PTO, and record-keeping for payroll and planning, ensuring efficient workforce and financial oversight.

Flight Operations

MISA's standalone version offers a streamlined SkedFlex flight operations solution, facilitating weekly flight scheduling, assignments for pilots and aircraft, detailed flight record-keeping by dispatchers, and essential maintenance forecasting, ensuring effective flight management and maintenance planning.


It is a common practice for aviation companies to use multiple applications to manage their operations; whether custom-built, acquired from a third-party, part of a legacy system, or a combination thereof. Often, such applications have limited interfaces necessitating duplicate data entry – a recipe for inducing errors and decreasing efficiency. Even when interfaces exist, they can be difficult to manage and require resources to build, maintain, and support them.

MISA provides the solution for these issues by standardizing, streamlining, and integrating business processes across all the various departments and functional areas within the company; and this integration improves the bottom line while providing employees a user-friendly and consistent application experience across the whole organization.

Additional benefits include

Integrated accounting allows for information to be viewed at a high/or very detailed level with a click of a button

Depth and detail of reporting

Ease of use; continuously optimized for a user-friendly experience

High level of customer loyalty and satisfaction

Industry tested for stability