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Greater Visibility and Control

Introducing the eTT Aviation Air Operations Suite, a comprehensive, flexible, & easy to use Aviation Resource Management (ARM) software.

  • Streamlined Processes

    Standardizes, streamline, and integrate processes across all departments and functional areas; improve the bottom line while giving employees a consistent and user-friendly application experience across the whole organization.

  • Compliance and Control

    Proprietary rules engines, auditable accounting, precise maintenance forecasting, and audit logs put you in control and guarantee compliance.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    For management, eTT Aviation’s integration means access to real-time, comprehensive, and relevant information from a single system rather than many disparate sources.

Air Operations Suite

Operate Safely and Efficiently Under Multiple Rulesets

Operating an airline safely and efficiently under multiple rulesets—including FAR 117, 121, and 135—requires modern, sophisticated tools. The SkedFlex Flight & Crew Management System is mission-critical for any aviation business that needs to manage complicated schedules or track qualifications, currencies, flight time, duty time and rest.

Seek Improved Efficiency

eTT Aviation’s Management Information System for Aviation (MISA) provides aviation companies with comprehensive tools to manage their business, including accounting, maintenance, inventory, flight operations, employee training, human resources, payroll, technical publications, Government contract management, and flight school operations.

Misa Software

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