United Pilots and Flight Attendants enjoy the best trip trading interface in the industry and that tool is called Crew Companion. Take a look around the features available for pilots and flight attendants designed to improve crewmember quality of life, and don’t hesitate to contact our exemplary Customer Support team for more information.

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Crew Companion For Pilots

SPECIAL NOTE: United Airlines has purchased a subscription for all Pilots! 

Crew Companion is eTT Aviation’s trip trading solution for the airline industry. Our solution makes dropping, picking up, and trading your schedule a snap no matter where you are. Crew Companion is fully accessible from any device with an internet connection; Crew Companion for Pilots is now completely web based! Crew Companion is with you no matter where you are for all your trading needs.

Crew Companion For Flight Attendants

Crew Companion is eTT Aviation’s second generation trip trading application for the airline industry. Schedule management and improvement are a snap with a single tool for all your monthly scheduling needs.

Crew Companion Web and Crew Companion Mobile allow you to use many of the powerful Crew Companion features while you are on the road using any internet enabled computer or smart phone. CC Web does rely on the main Crew Companion program for much of the data that it uses. You can subscribe to CC Web/Mobile without subscribing to Crew Companion but please take note below of the features with asterisks (*) that are not functional or limited without a Crew Companion subscription.

NOTE: CC Mobile screen shots below are shown on iPhone but most other Smartphones work just as well!