The Original Trip Trader

Crew Companion is eTT Aviation’s trip trading solution for the airline industry. Our solution makes dropping, picking up, and trading your schedule a snap no matter where you are. Crew Companion is fully accessible from any device with an internet connection, and Crew Companion for Pilots is 100% web-based. There is no better companion than Crew Companion for all your trip-trading needs.

Crew Companion is eTT Aviation’s second-generation trip trading application. Schedule management and improvement are a snap with a single tool for all your monthly scheduling needs.

Trip Notifications Made Easy

The Crew Companion Notifier App was created to ensure that pilots always have two free methods to receive notifications – through email and the CC Notifier, as charges will soon be applied to standard text message notifications sent via Crew Companion.

CC Notifier is an app available on the iOS and Android mobile platforms designed and implemented simply to receive push notifications from Crew Companion. These push notifications, delivered through AWS Simple Notification Services, are the same formatted messages generated by Crew Companion and sent to you via email and text message for many years.

Due to prohibitions by United, CC Notifier does not store any United login credentials nor are there any trip trading or any other Crew Companion functionality implemented in it. It authenticates with Crew Companion via a QR code generated in Crew Companion and then stays authenticated via a refresh token. I’ve included screenshots how it is enabled in Crew Companion and what the app itself looks once properly configured.

Why is this necessary?

Earlier this year the largest cellular carriers (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile) made a major policy change that effectively blocked text messages sent from Crew Companion. The Telco’s no longer allow system-to-human text messaging through their email gateway, which is what we had been using for the past 20 years. They have all signed onto a new Campaign Registry and now require us to send text messages through a new and very expensive method called 10DLC (10 Digit Long Code). We implemented 10DLC notifications through a web service to continue sending Crew Companion text notifications to United pilots, but the cost of this new service is unsustainable.

Steps to use CC Notifier

  1. Download the CC Notifier app on your iOS or Android device from the app store. You can install and use the app on multiple devices.
  2. Navigate to Crew Companion through CCS in a regular browser, not CC Mobile. The QR code cannot be generated from the CC Mobile site.
  3. In Crew Companion click Options>Notifications at the top right, then check the box to enable Push notifications.
  1. Click Generate QR Code in Crew Companion.
  2. Don’t forget to save the changes, otherwise the push notifications will not be activated
  3. Using your phone or tablet, scan the QR from the CC Notifier app to complete the activation process.
  4. Once activated, new notifications will appear in CC Notifier as below.

CC Notifier FAQ

No, unfortunately there is not a way to customize the sound for most if not all phones. Certain Android phones that have some customization ability, but most Android and iOS devices have a generic alert that is used for all applications; this sound cannot be customized to the individual app.

The CC Notifier app can be closed and will still receive messages.

A new QR code will be needed in the following cases:

  1. CC Notifier has not been used in more than 30 days.
  2. After logging out and then logging into the CC Notifier app (NOTE: Closing the app is not considered a “log out”. There is a Logout button in the app that must be manually pressed to complete the log out).
  3. When uninstalling and then reinstalling the CC Notifier app (NOTE: Upgrading to a new version will not necessitate a new QR code).
  4. When installing the CC Notifier app on a new device.

The 10DLC premium feature will be made available on August 15th. Users will be able to subscribe to this feature by navigating to the Options>Personal Info tab in CC and selecting the 10DLC option.

It is not possible to mute sounds from within the CC Notifier app itself. Instead, application notification settings must be defined in the settings of your device.

As long as the device is properly connected to a wifi connection and the device’s notification settings are properly configured, eTT developers anticipate a faster response time than regular text messages.