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“eTT has done a great job helping ATI get a handle on its complex crew pay and their customer service team has been highly responsive and knowledgeable whenever needed.”

– John Vestal, Vice President Flight Operations at Air Transport International (ATI)

Our Story

The vision to create something fellow pilots could use to make their lives easier has turned into a comprehensive Aviation Resource Management (ARM) software solution.

All great things begin with a vision and continue with commitment and dedication. Tom LaJoie, Founder, CEO, and President of eTT Aviation, employs these qualities in pursuit of what is most important to him – time with his family and helping others. His firsthand experience in civil aviation, military leadership, crew planning, and scheduling as a United Airlines pilot and a U.S. Air Force pilot helped him create some of the best tools to provide a “better quality of life” for thousands of fellow aviation professionals since 2002.

Our Core Values

We are accountable – to our customer, to each other, and to ourselves.
We are ambitious to win new business, improve the products, the service, and ourselves.
We are ethical and always strive to do the right thing.
We are fun to work with and have a positive attitude.
We are always ready, willing, and able to help.


eTripTrader created by former United Pilot.

Tom Lajoie founded eTripTrader, Inc. in 2002, to provide ‘a better quality of life’ for his fellow United Airlines pilots. The product was built by Tom and his oldest son Chris with an effort to convert a long and painful process of trip trading down to a matter of seconds.


Crew Companion is Born

Crew Companion is born in October of 2007 as the second generation of the original eTripTrader application. 18 years later Crew Companion serves over ten thousand United Airlines pilots.


SkedFlex becomes United Airlines’ Shift Trading System.

Building on the trip trading capabilities, the birth of SkedFlex marks the beginning of the current Flight and Crew Management system. One of the greatest technical achievements for SkedFlex has been the creation of an extremely fast rules engine capable of managing some of the most complicated rule sets in the world and also creating intuitive visual tools to alert schedulers when crew members are approaching the limits of those rulesets.


Introducing Crew Management

SkedFlex is expanded to include crew and flight management tools for ConocoPhillips, Alaska.


Accolades and Growth

eTripTrader wins Small Business of the Year award, while SkedFlex Crew Management System launches with PenAir.


Four New Airline Customers

A record of four new customers are added in 2018 including Key Lime Air, Air Transport International (ATI) , Everts Air Cargo, and Ravn Connect.


Jazz Airlines Joins the SkedFlex Family

Jazz Airlines contracts with eTT to create a new Preferential Bidding System (PBS) and Qualification and Training Management System (QTMS) for its large and dynamic Canadian operation.


eTT Aviation Acquires MISA

eTT Aviation purchases the Management Information System for Aviation (MISA) from IT Aviation Solutions and creates the eTT Aviation Resource Management solution. MISA customers include M7 Aerospace (an Elbit Systems company), Baron Aviation, King Aerospace, Wiggins Airways, Kalitta Air, Aerosim (an L3-Harris company), and West Air.


SkedFlex and MISA Becoming Industry Systems of Choice

In 2020, remarkable growth continues in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic with the addition of NINE airlines on the SkedFlex and MISA platforms. SkedFlex - ExpressJet, Eastern Airlines, Ravn Alaska (operated by FLOAT Shuttle), Mountain Air Cargo, CSA Air, Kalitta Charters II, R1 Airlines, Paradigm Air, and Aquiline Drones. MISA - Mountain Air Cargo, and CSA Air.


eTT Aviation Acquires Eagle Cap Software

In December 2020, eTT Aviation purchases all assets of Eagle Cap Software and begins to integrate their flight planning and dispatch management software with SkedFlex to further enhance eTT's robust air operations suite.


eTT Aviation is a veteran-owned and SDVOSB certified business. Our leadership is reflected in our software; our care and attention to detail are reflected in our customer service.

Tom LaJoie
Co-Founder, President/CEO

Tom founded eTripTrader, Inc., in 2002, to provide “a better quality of life” to his fellow United Airlines pilots. 18 years later, Crew Companion, now in its second generation, serves tens of thousands of United Airlines pilots and flight attendants. Further leveraging his 30 years in aviation leadership, crew planning, and scheduling with the United States Air Force and United Airlines, Tom expanded the product offerings with the rebranded “eTT Aviation” to include the comprehensive SkedFlex product. The success of eTT Aviation is due in large part to Tom’s encyclopedic understanding of the needs of airline customers, including aircrew scheduling, airline management, and logistical planning, to the benefit of the full eTT Aviation product line. Tom is a certificated Airline Transport Pilot with more than 6000 hours of flight time among many aircraft types including the Boeing 737 (300/500), Airbus (A319/A320), military aircraft (T-37, T-38, C-12F, KC-135R), and corporate aircraft including Beechcraft Premier, Pilatus PC12, and others. Tom is a member of the Regional Airline Association (RAA), Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association (RACCA), and the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO). Tom owns a ranch with his wife of 34 years in Eagle, Idaho, where he is an active member in the local community.

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Chris LaJoie
Co-Founder, CTO/CIO

Chris LaJoie co-founded eTT Aviation, led its original software development, and now serves as chief technology officer and chief information officer, with oversight of the entire engineering team. Fluent in numerous programming languages, Chris is highly adept at leveraging new technologies to the benefit of both Crew Companion and the eTT Air Operations Suite. Chris and his team built and maintained the physical server infrastructure at a Tier III datacenter for many years before migrating SkedFlex to Amazon Web Services, where his team manages all cloud configuration, maintenance, and support services. Chris also serves as the eTT designated privacy official, ensuring compliance to PIPEDA principles.

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Sonja Aletter

For more than 20 years, Sonja has been an aviation industry professional specializing in information technology and operations. Sonja began at Fairchild Dornier in 1996 as an in-house programmer and rose through the ranks to become the first female director at M7 Aerospace. In her role as director of operations for government programs, Sonja oversaw accounting, inventory management, purchasing, contracting, proposals, and technical support for the Management Information System for Aviation (MISA) software. In 2009, Sonja joined IT Aviation Solutions where she guided MISA until its acquisition by eTT Aviation in 2019. Leveraging her BA and MBA as COO at eTT, Sonja is responsible for direct oversight of all operational functions of the company, including strategic planning, policies and procedures, organizational structure, budget planning and tracking, new customer and project implementations, training, project management, quality assurance, customer support, product improvement, and major technical aspects of the entire Air Operations Suite. Sonja is also a member of the Board of Directors at eTT Aviation.

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Todor Todorov
Vice President Software Engineering

Todor Todorov was born and raised in Bulgaria. His passion for computers and programming determined the professional path he was going to take. He graduated in the top 10 of his class from Sofia Technical University (Bulgaria) with a masters degree in Computer Science. The pursuit for more exciting opportunities for his career as a software engineer brought him to the U.S., where he joined eTripTrader in 2007. With his 20 years of experience in the software development industry he ensures that CrewCompanion makes the lives of United Airline’s pilots and flight attendants a lot easier. In his free time Todor enjoys spending time with his family.

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Board of Directors

Josh Weinshank
Director Operations, Western Aircraft, Inc.

Josh’s 28-year career in aviation includes serving as a pilot, check pilot, chief pilot, and director of operations for corporate, charter, and scheduled air carrier certificates (flag, domestic, supplemental). For 16 years Josh served as director of operations for air carriers certificated by the FAA under 14 CFR part 121 and part 135. In that capacity, he was the primary interface with the FAA, exercised operational control, and evaluated operational risk to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. Josh was also the principal author and editor for technical manuals and publications, the director of IT, the liaison with the TSA (Aircraft Operator Security Coordinator), and was responsible for ensuring positive relations among management, employees, and customers.

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Kirk Newhook
VP Employee Relations, Jazz Aviation LP

Kirk has been an aviation operations and human resources professional for more than 25 years, starting with Air Nova in Nova Scotia, Canada, a former wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Canada, as a crew scheduler and systems operations control (SOC) manager. In 2002 the Air Canada Regional airlines were merged into Jazz Aviation, and Kirk’s team was primarily responsible for the integration of crew and operational software systems. Post integration, Kirk assumed responsibility for the industrial relationships and collective bargaining as Director of Labour Relations for Jazz as well as the Crew Resources Departments. He currently serves as Vice President of Employee Relations where he has added the Human Resources Division to his responsibilities. Kirk studied business administration at Dalhousie University, has an MBA from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, and spends his time between Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Toronto, Ontario with his family while enjoying the benefits of travel that come with working with an Airline.

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Scott Marikis
President/COO, Empire Airlines

Scott Marikis serves as the president and chief operating officer for Empire Airlines, Inc.: a western United States feeder airline for FedEx; an inter-island passenger services provider for Hawaiian Airlines; the operator of Empire Aerospace - a maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) provider; and operator of Empire Unmanned - a leading provider of drone flying, data capture and analytical services. Scott has a broad background in finance and administration with extensive operations management experience in the airline/aerospace, oil, gas, and mining industries. Scott started his career as a district controller for Total Petroleum, Inc., in Memphis, TN. He then transferred with Total to Denver and was recruited into the mining industry where he worked as an audit manager and then a mine general manager for Kinross Gold, Inc. In 2007 Scott transferred to the regional airline industry with Empire Airlines initially as their CFO and now serves as vice president and chief operating officer. Scott is a CPA having received his undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Akron and an MBA from Regis University in Denver. Scott was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He and his wife Terri have four daughters and one grandson.

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