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We have a team of experienced Aviation professionals with a deep understanding of Aviation business processes and the ability to translate those into comprehensive, effective, and innovative software solutions.


Relevant Experience

Improving Quality of Life

Development of the Crew Companion software in use by over 14,000 United Airline pilots to manage and improve their flying schedules.

Streamlined Air Operations Software

Creation of flight, duty, and rest limits for US-based air operations under all 14 CFR rule sets. Flight, duty, and rest limits for Canadian air operations under the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), including support for 703 (air taxi), 704 (commuter) and 705 (airline) operators.

A Complete Solution for Flight Planning

Development of SkedFlex Flight Planning which optimizes flight plans utilizing aircraft performance data sourced from the manufacturer, standard Arinc 424 navigation data, wind, and weather data sourced from NOAA and, and sources Notam and Aircraft data via SWIM. In addition, SkedFlex Flight planning also provides briefing packages for flights needing to be Dispatched under CFR 14 Part 121.

Efficient Airspace Access via LAANC

Development of SkedFlex Vertical – an FAA-approved application for LAANC authorization. The application is approved for 44809 Recreational day and night operations, Part 107 auto approval day and night operations, and Part 107 Further Coordination Operations.

United Airlines

05/2003 - Present

Jazz Aviation

03/2019 - Present

Empire Airlines

11/2013 - Present

Air Transport International (ATI)

08/2018 - Present

Core Competency
  • Software Development
  • Experienced engineers using a wide range of programming languages, including C#, PHP, Go, C++, Python, Javascript, WPF, and various domain-specific non-programming languages like HTML, CSS, SQL, XML, JSON, YAML.
  • Empathetic Expertise
  • Over 20 years of expertise in developing systems that meet the needs and requirements of the industry and our customers.
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DUNS: 79-705-6707


NAICS: 541511

ADDITIONAL NAICS: 541512, 541513, 541519

PSC: 7030 (IT Software)


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Gov POC: Tom LaJoie