Don’t Customize – Configure! eTT’s Mantra for Hassle-Free Flight Planning and Dispatch Solutions

In an era dominated by relentless advancements in technology, businesses are increasingly leaning on sophisticated software solutions to refine operations, boost efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge. This is especially true in the aviation sector, where flight planning and dispatch software play a crucial role in ensuring streamlined, efficient, and optimized flight planning operations.


eTT Aviation is at the forefront of providing intelligent airline operations software, committed to the philosophy of ‘Don’t Customize – Configure!’ This approach is not just a mantra but a progressive step to accommodate intricate flight planning and dispatch software needs without being entangled in a labyrinth of customization.

Defining Configuration and Customization

Configuration is the adjustment of software settings within a predefined framework, adapting the software to specific use cases, company, and user preferences, without altering the core codebase. It’s about allowing alterations through user-friendly interfaces, focusing on flight plan automation and trajectory optimization and management.

Conversely, customization involves altering the software’s code to create unique features, seemingly attractive but often leading to complications, delays, and inflated costs, impacting the implementation in airline flight planning software where precision and reliability are paramount.

The Speed and Ease of Configuration

Configuration’s inherent advantage is the rapidity and simplicity with which changes can be implemented, reversed, and adjusted, a crucial factor in optimized flight planning. In contrast, customization delves deep into the codebase, a process often fraught with extensive testing and a heightened risk of errors and compatibility issues, impacting aircraft dispatch software and aviation weather software reliability.

Economic and Efficient

Customization is a resource-intensive endeavor, demanding skilled developers and meticulous testing, resulting in soaring costs over time. Configuration’s economic footprint is comparatively minimal, making it a wise choice for businesses looking to harness the prowess of airline fuel efficiency software without burning a hole in their budget.

Future-Proofing & Upgradability

Configured software, like eTT’s SkedFlex Flight Planning, which is part of our airline operations software suite, is bucking the trend of software updates and upgrades, ensuring organizations reap the benefits of enhanced features and security without any disruptions or delays – something critical for airline operations .

User Adoption and Ease of Use

A configured flight planning and dispatch software system promotes a user-friendly environment, with familiar interfaces and workflows. It significantly reduces the learning curve, fostering user adoption and productivity, an essential aspect of automated flight planning.

Scalability and Maintainability

Configuration allows for swift scalability and promotes maintainability and troubleshooting by keeping user-specific adjustments separate from the core codebase. In the intricate web of flight planning, where precision and reliability are pivotal, such scalability and maintainability are invaluable.

Reduced Risk of Errors

Customization, with its invasive approach, often leads to bugs and errors, destabilizing the software and eroding user confidence. Configuration minimizes these risks, allowing adjustments with confidence and ensuring the stability of the software.


In the domain of airline flight planning software and optimized flight planning, configuration clearly overshadows customization. It is the smarter, more user-friendly, and economic choice for aviation businesses seeking tailored solutions.

By adhering to eTT Aviation’s mantra of ‘Don’t Customize – Configure!’, aviation companies can seamlessly integrate innovative flight planning and dispatch solutions, achieving a harmonious blend of efficiency, reliability, and optimization without the accompanying hassles of customization. In this relentless pursuit of aviation excellence, every subtle configuration brings us one step closer to a future where the skies are not just traversed but truly understood.

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