Helping Aviation Companies Promote their Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) of People, Planet, and Profit first emerged as a corporate sustainability framework in 1994. The TBL theory argues that companies that adopt policies promoting environmental and social responsibility alongside the pursuit of profit are better able to achieve sustainable growth and profit. With the tools provided in eTT Aviation’s SkedFlex Air Operations Suite, aviation companies can efficiently manage all aspects of their business, improve employee well-being and satisfaction, and better allocate time and resources. In other words, the Air Operations Suite helps aviation companies promote their Triple Bottom Line and do what’s good for the people, planet, and profit!

How does eTT Aviation helps airline companies promote their TBL?

Improving employee well-being and satisfaction
eTT Aviation’s comprehensive Air Operations Suite of tools provides airlines and air operators the ability to schedule and manage crewmembers, flights, and aircraft in a flexible, efficient, and visual manner. eTT empowers crew members to manage their own schedule with SkedFlex‘s trip and shift trading modules equipped with preferential bidding and line bidding capabilities. This benefits airline crew and ground members as it gives them more flexibility and control over their own work schedule while automatically verifying the shift trade’s legality and compliance with company rules.
The most significant benefit of using automated shift trading is that it enables employees to have a healthier work-life balance which has been shown to improve their overall well-being. With automated shift trading from SkedFlex, aviation companies can promote their Triple Bottom Line and demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility by providing their employees the resources needed to improve their quality of work-life and increase their overall satisfaction with their jobs.

Improving resource allocation efficiency
If there is inefficiency within a company’s operations, some resources are inevitably wasted. The aviation industry has many essential resources needed for day-to-day operations. Some of the most vital resources aviation companies need are time, labor, and natural resources such as fuel.

The Air Operations Suite integrates SkedFlex’s crew and flight tracking capabilities with the Management Information System for Aviation (MISA). MISA is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which allows aviation companies to effectively and efficiently run all administrative aspects of their operation in one system. This includes accounting, maintenance, inventory management, purchasing, human resources, and payroll. By combining all the essential information infrastructure that an aviation company needs to operate within one comprehensive system, eTT Aviation saves aviation companies valuable time and money!

Running late on so much as a single event can delay an entire operation. However, with the right tools, companies can maximize productivity while streamlining their operations to achieve the greatest level of operational efficiency while inputting the least possible amount of time and resources. For these reasons, eTT Aviation developed the Airport Operations Management module to provide the command, control, reporting, and delay remediation functions necessary to ensure on-time airport arrival and departure operations, Furthermore, eTT Aviation saves airline companies time by providing exceptional customer support services to quickly resolve any issues or questions about the product.

When airline operations run efficiently, aviation companies can achieve maximum efficiency of resource consumption. In other words, the Air Operations Suite can help companies avoid overconsuming resources due to operational inefficiencies. In the long run, this will help reduce airlines’ operational costs and environmental impact! While perhaps one day the sky might be filled with electric, hydrogen fuel cell, or biofuel-powered neutral-emissions airplanes, for now, the aviation industry relies primarily on fossil fuels. However, by managing flights with SkedFlex companies can better allocate their resources, consequently reducing resource waste and further promoting their Triple Bottom Line.

Increasing operational efficiency to save airlines money
Tracking flight duty and rest limits under all federal regulations is something that few existing airline operations management systems can accomplish. Skedflex, however, accomplishes this while also tracking an airline’s fleet and flight movements, managing crew training, tracking qualifications and currencies, accurately calculating crew pay, supporting complex line and preferential bidding modules, airport ground operations, and more. All these features are designed to allow for maximum efficiency of airline operations.

Our research indicates that increasing workplace flexibility through automated shift trading substantially decreases turnover and the number of unplanned employee absences while increasing company morale. Automated shift trading also benefits crew supervisors as it reduces the time spent on scheduling conflicts. With more automation of tasks and decreased turnover and absences, eTT Aviation’s affordably priced Air Operations Suite saves aviation companies money, time, and resources by ensuring that all administrative, ground and flight operations always function at maximum efficiency.

Prioritizing Social and Environmental Justice is Profitable!
As the COVID-19 global pandemic threatens to substantially alter the airline industry and the climate crisis is simultaneously pushing companies to reduce their environmental impact, it is the ideal time for aviation companies to adopt sustainable business frameworks like the Triple Bottom Line. It’s no secret that the goal of a business is making a profit, however, taking care of the people and the planet also makes good business sense! A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that companies with sustainable business models have on average an 18% higher return on investment. Investing in eTT Aviation’s Air Operations Suite is a great place to start, and with our comprehensive products, exceptional customer service, and commitment to continuous innovation, we are confident that we can help any airline improve their commitment to the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet, and Profit.

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eTT Aviation
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