Kalitta Charters II Grows with SkedFlex

EAGLE ID – October 9, 2020. Kalitta Charters II is the newest cargo and passenger airline to secure a multi-year contract with eTT Aviation for the SkedFlex Flight and Crew Management System. SkedFlex will provide Kalitta Charters with the newest and most advanced software solution to help manage their operations more efficiently and profitably.

The SkedFlex suite of tools and its proprietary rules engines will help Kalitta maintain their high quality of safety standards by making it easier to comply with federal and international aviation regulations for flight and duty limitations, and rest requirements. Furthermore, SkedFlex will provide Kalitta Charters a flexible, visual, and efficient software platform to schedule and manage flights, crew, and fleet.

“We are excited to enter a partnership with eTT Aviation. The value added to our operation will directly benefit our pilots, our operations staff and our customers. We look forward to eTT and SkedFlex being a key piece of our continued growth and success moving forward. Thank you Tom and the whole eTT team for providing a quality solution.”

-Doug Kalitta, President and CEO of Kalitta Charters, LLC

About Kalitta Charters, LLC

Kalitta Charters is an American charter airline providing services for cargo, passenger, and medical transportation since 1967. Kalitta Charters II is a FAR 121 operation and FAR Part 145 aircraft repair station based out of Ypsilanti, Michigan with a fleet of Boeing 727-200s and 737’s.

Over the years, Kalitta has proven to be one the most highly experienced cargo, business charter, and air ambulance service providers in the world. They are an official carrier for the US government and the Department of Defense, and along with cargo and passenger transportation, they provide repatriation services for deceased service members overseas.
Kalitta Charter’s core value is to provide cargo and transportation services that meet the highest and most rigorous safety standards. Passengers benefit from the comfort and safety resulting from Kalitta Charter’s 40 plus years of passenger transportation experience and their international operating authority. Kalitta stands out from other cargo airlines because of their commitment to transport virtually anything. They have transported a weather station, live rockets and explosives, oil field machinery, and even live animals like penguins and whales. Whether using Kalitta Charter’s scheduled operations or ad-hoc flight services, you can rest assured that both passengers and cargo will arrive at their destination safely and comfortably.

About eTripTrader, Inc. dba eTT Aviation

eTT Aviation is a US service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), headquartered in Eagle, Idaho. eTT specializes in scalable aviation flight, crew, maintenance, accounting, inventory, HR, and management information solutions that revolutionize the way airlines achieve scheduling flexibility, compliance, and control, all while steadfastly adhering to its core values of integrity, innovation, and first-class customer support.

eTT Aviation’s flagship products, the Air Operations Suite (FCMS & MISA), and Crew Companion (world-class trip trading), support tens of thousands of aviation professionals at global, regional, charter, and cargo airlines worldwide.

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