Revolutionizing Crew Pay: 

How SkedFlex FCMS Delivers Unmatched Efficiency and Accuracy in Airline Operations

 By Karen Brown – 

In the complex world of airline operations, managing crew schedules, qualifications, and payments can be as daunting as navigating through turbulent skies. That’s why at eTT Aviation, we’ve developed SkedFlex Flight Crew Management System (FCMS), an all-encompassing solution designed to simplify these tasks while enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs. Here’s how SkedFlex stands out from the competition and addresses some of the critical challenges faced by airlines today.

Unmatched Efficiency in Crew Pay Management

Crew pay complexities can create significant administrative overhead and lead to dissatisfaction among flight crew if not handled accurately and swiftly. SkedFlex excels in managing crew pay better than other systems, including our largest competitors. Our software ensures that pay calculations are precise and fully compliant with union contracts and regulations, reducing errors and the time spent on disputes. This not only boosts crew satisfaction but also enhances the overall efficiency of airline payroll departments.

Rapid Implementation, Minimal Disruption

One of the notable strengths of SkedFlex FCMS is its remarkably short implementation timeline. While a quick deployment might sound daunting, suggesting a period where airline personnel might juggle dual systems, we’ve turned this into a positive. Our approach minimizes disruption by ensuring that the transition is smooth and support is ongoing. This means that airlines can quickly benefit from the efficiencies of SkedFlex without the prolonged phase of running parallel systems, which can be resource-intensive and error-prone.

All-in-One System: A Unified Solution for Diverse Needs

Airlines often grapple with the complexities of integrating multiple systems to manage different aspects of flight operations. SkedFlex offers a ‘one-stop shop’ solution, integrating everything from flight planning and fleet management to crew planning and scheduling, vacation bidding, trip trades, and crew pay. This holistic approach not only streamlines operations but also reduces the costs and errors associated with managing multiple systems. Airlines appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of having a single, robust system that caters to all their operational needs.

Personalized Customer Service That Truly Supports

At eTT Aviation, we understand that even the best software needs exceptional support to deliver its full value. That’s why we’ve set up a comprehensive support system that includes a 24/7 online portal for reporting issues and asking questions, as well as direct phone access to our support team. We also hold regularly scheduled customer meetings and ad hoc for those not wanting a definite schedule. This ensures that we are always aligned with the specific needs of each airline. This personalized approach to customer service ensures that any challenges are addressed promptly and effectively, fostering strong, lasting relationships with our clients.


In an industry where every minute counts and efficiency is paramount, eTT Aviation’s SkedFlex FCMS stands out as a premier solution that addresses the core needs of airlines in a comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient manner. By choosing SkedFlex, airlines are not just purchasing a software system; they are partnering with a team dedicated to their success and equipped to support their evolving needs. Whether it’s managing crew pay, simplifying the implementation process, or providing an all-in-one solution with exceptional support, SkedFlex is designed to elevate the operational capabilities of airlines around the globe.

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