Empire Airlines implements eTT Aviation SkedFlex Flight Planning

Empire Airlines implements eTT Aviation SkedFlex Flight Planning

eTT Aviation https://ettaviation.com/ and Empire Airlines https://empireairlines.com/ recently announced that Empire has fully implemented eTT’s SkedFlex Flight Planning system into production for dispatching flights under 14 CFR part 121, adding another eTT product to their operation.

Fully integrated with the SkedFlex Air Operations Suite, SkedFlex Flight Planning is a Next-generation Flight Planning System that is highly configurable, providing the ability for Flight Planners and Dispatchers to set up their environment to accommodate their own processes and workflow.  Using the latest technology and algorithms SkedFlex Flight Planning is designed to find the optimum route and altitude profile for your flight to ensure you are operating in the most cost-effective way.

Dan Perich Dispatch & Scheduling Manager at Empire Airlines stated:  ‘When we decided to replace our flight planning system, eTT was the first company that we considered due to our long-standing relationship with them.

We were happy to take on the role of launch customer as we were comfortable with the outstanding technology and customer service that we have always received from eTT.  During the implementation and acceptance testing we were impressed with the ease of setting up and configuring the system along with the accuracy of the flight plans being calculated. Now, dispatching our 121 flights is much easier and faster and the results are more accurate than ever before.’

‘We purchased Eagle Cap Software in 2020 to round out the SkedFlex Air Operations suite by adding the mission critical element of flight planning and dispatching.” said Tom LaJoie, eTT CEO.  ‘We were thrilled that Empire partnered with us to help finish what the Eagle Cap guys created to meet the needs of the US Domestic market.  We’re now enhancing SkedFlex Flight Planning to meet the requirements of the long haul and international operators.’


About eTT Aviation

eTripTrader, Inc. (dba eTT Aviation) has been in business over 20 years and is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Boise, Idaho. eTT specializes in scalable aviation flight and crew management, flight planning and dispatch, maintenance, accounting, inventory, HR, and management information solutions that revolutionize the way airlines achieve scheduling flexibility, compliance and control, all while steadfastly adhering to its core values of being Accountable, Ambitious, Ethical, having a Positive Attitude, and always Ready to Help


For more information: www.ettaviation.com

Contact: Dana Knight, dana.knight@ettaviation.com


About Empire Airlines

Empire Airlines is a 44-year-old company located in Hayden, Idaho. The company started out as a passenger carrier, but is now primarily a commercial cargo carrier operating for FEDEX. Empire Holdings, Inc. owns Empire Airlines, Inc., Empire Aerospace, LLC, and Empire Unmanned. With a “We can do that!” attitude, the company has approximately 400 employees. Some of Empire Airlines’ core competencies include: building and repairing aircraft, training and educating flight crews and mechanics, , air cargo services, the mentoring of startup airline companies, and commercial UAS/UAV services to several industries. The Empire family of companies is dedicated to sustainability and giving back to the community, and the companies and their employees are very active in community programs

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