Market forces say now’s the time to update crew management software.

If you ask an IT manager at a regional airline, there is never a really GOOD time to make a big change to major software systems.  A busy airline has so many moving parts that making any change can seem daunting.  

But several market drivers indicate that sooner is better than later to make a change:

  • Rapid growth of the commercial aviation sector, an increase in commercial aircraft and passenger traffic; and the addition of airport terminals all spur the market.
  • Stable commercial aviation outlook signals growth opportunities for the crew management software market.
  • Entry of new airlines in developed and developing countries will boost prospects for regional airlines.
  • Growing international tourism and the consequent increase in air travel are opportunities for the CMS market, particularly in Europe, which captures the largest share of international tourist arrivals.
  • The need for efficient crew management is driving market growth, especially as airlines operate more low-cost long-haul flights.
  • The shortage of skilled and experienced aviation staff and the need for judicious use of resources raise the importance of crew management software.
  • The increasing use of IT  in the aviation sector promotes demand for crew management software, with growing IT budgets of airlines and airports spurring growth opportunities.
  • Safety requirements are receiving more emphasis.
  • Human errors in the aviation industry are more heavily publicized. 
  • The public is concerned about the rising threat of terrorism.
  • Airplane safety incidents are covered extensively and thoroughly by the media, often with crowdsourced video. 
  • Strict regulations governing work hours and safety of crew members raise the importance of crew management software.
  • The proliferation of tablets and smartphones and the advancement in mobile-based apps increase opportunities for remote and traveling crew members to access systems. 
  • The rise of smart airports emphasizes the need for crew management, and the technologies with tremendous potential to transform crew management software solutions market are Big Data, AI, and IoT.
  • The growing use of cloud-based software solutions enables efficient management of crew operations, and the evolving crew management needs of the aviation industry emphasize the importance of connected crew.
  • The demand for innovative crew management technologies and software solutions gains traction while the challenges confronting the crew management software market should not be ignored. 

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So, the market indicates that there is no time like the present. 

But there’s still that daunting migration to think about.  The good news is that we have an experienced team at eTT Aviation that can help plan your project and ensure everything goes smoothly.  

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