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When your airline demands an automated flight and crew management system — choose SkedFlex, the full-featured, affordable, innovative, expertly supported US veteran-owned air operations suite designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With its scalable, cloud-based platform and optional modules, SkedFlex is the ideal choice for any airline.

Air Operations Suite

SkedFlex is a comprehensive Air Operations Suite of tools providing airlines and air operators the ability to schedule and manage crewmembers, flights, and aircraft in a flexible, efficient, and visual manner.

Coupled with its proprietary rules engines, SkedFlex helps ensure regulatory compliance under the Code of Federal Regulations parts 117, 121, 125, and 135, for flight, duty, and rest limitations. Additional company requirements may be incorporated, as may rule sets from regulatory authorities worldwide.

The SkedFlex map below details the core components, additional modules, and suite-wide features that together make SkedFlex the air operations suite of choice.

Crew Management

 SkedFlex crew management features and benefits include:

  • Crew tracking of flight, duty, and rest limitations  including parts 117, 121 (flight attendants), 121 (supplemental), 125, and 135 scheduled and non-scheduled rule sets governed by the Code of Federal Regulations. The rule sets from other regulatory authorities worldwide are incorporated as needed. 
  • Mobile device access allows users to manage and improve schedules anywhere, anytime, along with check-in functions and flight log management. 
  • Reserve handling for long call reserves (LCR), short call reserves (SCR), and airport standby reserves (ASR).
  • Notifications to crewmembers via SMS, email, or both. Highly customizable.  
  • Pilot logbook provides automatic tracking of all SkedFlex flights. Ability to add other commercial flying (OCF) and miscellaneous records included. 
  • Training and Vacation scheduling and tracking.
  • Trip Trading with open time and extensive trade board for swapping, dropping and picking up trips and shifts from other crewmembers in the same category.

Clear and Accurate Crew Tracking

As the name implies, the heart of a crew management system (CMS) is crew tracking. SkedFlex provides feature-rich crew management:

  • Flight, duty, and rest limitations.
  • Visibility of an entire organization’s schedule, or single user for any desired time span.
  • Extensive configuration options for choosing data relevant to the user’s responsibilities.
  • Right-click menus with, drag and drop functionality, graphic overlays, highlighting, and editing all from within the same intuitive view.
  • Exclusive “heated warnings” use color palettes to visually indicate approaching regulatory limits. Customizable buffers for fine-tuning alerts.
  • Regulatory statistics display for information and compliance purposes.
  • “Wheels-up indicator” advises latest takeoff time on the last leg to arrive within duty period.
  • Ability to view all alerts being tracked at once.


Crew Web and Mobile Interface

Convenient management of all crewmember functions is possible from any internet connected web browser or smart phone. Crew-facing pages include a graphical monthly Master Schedule for their entire category, Daily Flight Schedule, Trade Board, and several personal pages with the calendar, logbook, trades, and qualifications. And for routine daily flight operations, crewmembers have iOS and Android apps to choose from.

Reserve Management System

Reserve shifts are managed and tracked with ease on both Crew Schedule and Daily Schedule pages. Create reserves on the fly, with drag and drop, or from stored templates. SkedFlex supports all common reserve types, including Short Call Reserve (SCR), Long Call Reserve (LCR), Airport Standby Reserve (ASR), and more. SkedFlex even allows for the creation of custom reserve types. Reserve shifts roll up on the Daily Schedule page by position - allowing for easy editing and flight assignment.

 Consistent and Customizable Notification System

Crewmembers always know what the next day has in store with SkedFlex. Daily reminders of the next day's schedule are delivered the preceding day via email and mobile phone, including any recent or on-demand changes. A popular feature that keeps everyone in the scheduling loop while guarding against inadvertent no-shows.

Fully Integrated Pilot Logbook

The Pilot Logbook automatically records all SkedFlex flights and allows pilots the ability to view their flying records and manage their own aircraft.  Pilots can also enter other commercial flying (OCF) data in the logbook for inclusion in cumulative regulatory limits.

The pilot logbook distinguishes company from OCF flights by shading those flights with a green background. Pilots can also use the logbook to track different statistical totals for any period of time and equipment group.

Easy Vacation and Training Tracking at a Glance

Easy and intuitive vacation and training tracking can be done on the Vacation & Training page by category or for the entire organization. Specific shift types and schedule codes are detected as training or vacation time, and only those shift types and codes will be visible on the Vacation & Training page.  This page allows users to get a very quick summary of an organization’s overall vacation and training status.

Intuitive Trip and Shift Trades

Attracting and retaining qualified pilots is critical to every airline operation in today’s environment of limited pilot supply. Giving crewmembers some control over where and when they fly improves their quality of life, reduces the likelyhood of them calling in sick and increases overall retention. The SkedFlex Shift and Trip Trading system allows employees to take some control of their own schedule but schedulers and administrators can retain the ability to accept or reject any trade request.  Trips, as well as shifts, can be picked up, dropped, or traded using our intuitive trip-trade interface. This interface is customizable, and allows for anything from 100% unhindered trip trades (so long as the resulting schedule is still legal) to disallowing trip trades entirely. Users may post requests to the tradeboard, where other users who share their category can see it.


Users may also attempt to trade with a specific person, who will see a notification at the top of their screen when they log in to SkedFlex.


There are many different symbols that you’ll see on the Trade Board, which is why we have a great legend that describes everything you might see on the page. Many other pages in SkedFlex also have legends, and you can see them by simply switching the page you’re viewing in the legend.


Users may request that they be notified about any offers made to them, or to simply auto-accept the first offer that matches theirs.


Additionally, a system setting exists that determines if a scheduler/administrator must approve or decline a trade request before it is granted, even if the two users involved have already agreed to the trade. This means that the ultimate control of the schedule can be retained by the administrators, even while allowing crewmembers to trade their shifts and trips at will.


Operations Management

SkedFlex is a comprehensive air operations suite of tools providing airlines and air operators with the ability to schedule and manage crewmembers, flights and aircraft in a highly flexible and efficient manner.  Listed below are the features for management of flights and aircraft:

  • Flight Schedule Importing using standard SSIM format to quickly populate an entire monthly schedule of flight segments
  • Aircraft Tracking on Gantt view for all flight details within a one to seven-day range
  • Flight and Shift Templates for quick creation and assignment of routine shifts and often used charters and ad-hoc flights
  • Route Building using named routes of flight sequences operating within a specified date range on specific days for use in crew scheduling
  • Movement Message interface to external systems to pass all aircraft movements in real time
  • Automated OOOI time captured from ACARS, TAMDAR, and AFIRS equipped aircraft
  • Complete Flight Log Tracking for all aspects of flights, such as passenger count, cargo, fuel, times, etc.

Detailed and Efficient Aircraft Tracking

Flight management and tracking duties are performed on the Flights page and Daily Flight Schedule page. The Flights page contains lists all flights in a given month by equipment rolled up by flight numbers operating on various days of the month. The Daily Flight Schedule page provides an easy and efficient way to track the location and status of all aircraft from one to seven days on a Gantt view page with real-time auto-updating. Aircraft ground movements such as from the hangar to the gate can also be managed and displayed on the Daily Flight Schedule. Extensive configuration options allow customization of the data to be displayed and editable based on the role of the user and their personal preferences.


Aircraft status with color coding and comments display as background information for each tail number along with the last airport location, flight To/From locations and times, ground times and all ground repositions to and from the gate, hangar or any other designated fix location on the airport. A moving ‘now line’ and different coloration of flights based on whether they are in the future, in-flight, completed, ready to verify and verified make flight following a snap.

Customizable Flight and Shift Templates

Flight and Shift Templates can be created with all pertinent information allowing for quick inclusion into the schedule when needed. During creation of an ad-hoc flight(s), schedulers are able to mark the flights to be saved as a template. Non-sked airlines can combine these templates with route building (explained below), to greatly streamline the building of the schedule each month. Once a flight is imported into the schedule from the template base, it is easily assignable just as if it had been imported via a SSIM file.


Shift templates are similar to flight templates only they apply to non-flight scheduled activities like reserve assignments, ground training and work shifts for non-crewmembers. Shifts corresponding to the template will appear and be assignable immediately after creating/updating the template. Also, you can edit existing templates without impacting the shifts that have already been assigned from that template. This way, if one of your shift’s parameters changes, your historical data for that shift will not be lost.


Route Building

Schedulers can create custom flight routings for any and all given combinations of bases and equipment. After selecting which flights you want to be on a route, which day(s) of the month the route will be flown on, the minimum crew, the scheduler names the route for easy assignment to crewmembers on the Active Schedule Page later. Additionally, a reserve shift can be ‘tacked on’ to the beginning or end of a route, which will cause that reserve shift to be assigned at the same time the trip is assigned. These “reserve tack-ons” enable airlines to maximize use of crewmember’s available duty.


Aircraft Movement Message Interface

Passing movement messages to external systems in real time is an important capability for an airlines ops management software platform, and SkedFlex delivers. Messages supported include: flight creation, deletion, cancellation, out, off, on, in, taxi-back, air return, diversion, and ground reposition. All pertinent flight log information such as crew, passenger counts, cargo, fuel, weights, etc. can be delivered.

Flight Schedule Importer

SkedFlex interfaces with several existing flight management systems to import all flights using IATA standard SSIM-formatted messaging. For scheduled airlines, this enables most of the necessary flight data for any subsequent month’s schedule to be quickly populated without requiring manual entry. Multiple imports for the same equipment and base are permitted allowing for multiple ‘what if’ scenarios to be run before the schedule is finalized.

Automated OOOI times

SkedFlex automatically ingests OUT, OFF, ON and IN (OOOI) times from aircraft equipped with ACARS, TAMDAR, and AFIRS, to ensure accurate and timely updates to flight information that is used to immediately recompute all crewmember flight and duty legalities. “Knock-on delays” are automatically applied to subsequent legs at outstations using that stations custom minimum turn time, updated Estimated Time Enroute (ETE) from flight plan, and expected taxi out and in times that can be defined for each airport. These estimated delays halt when flights reach the airline’s base allowing dispatchers to decide to further delay flights or swap tails. Green and Red arrows at the corners of each flight on the Daily Flight Schedule indicate when OOOI times have been entered (green) or are missing (red).


The Flight Log allows for the entry and verification of vital flight data, including OOOI times, passenger counts, fuel amounts, cargo, delay codes, and irregular flight ops info. This entry and verification can be done by either the pilot(s) of a trip or by a company administrator.


While technically not an ‘app’ that must be downloaded, the Flight Log is designed for use with Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) and can be used with or without an internet connection. When in airplane mode, data entered is stored locally and synchronized with the SkedFlex server once a wi-fi connection is reestablished.

Flight Log 'App'

The Flight Log allows for the entry and verification of vital flight data, including OOOI times, passenger counts, fuel amounts, cargo, delay codes, and irregular flight ops info. This entry and verification can be done by either the pilot(s) of a trip or by a company administrator.


SkedFlex offers several additional modules which automate and streamline different aspects of crew and operations management. With the addition of these modules, SkedFlex becomes a very powerful all-in-one crew, flight, and operations management system. These modules can also be mixed and matched in any combination, greatly increasing the range of actions that can be performed in SkedFlex. Included modules are available at no additional cost.

Included Modules

Crew Qualifications & Training Module

The SkedFlex Qualification and Training module provides the ability to automate flight crew training, currency and qualifications, by providing the ability to create and view a wide variety of qualifications (including One-Time, Recurring, Threshold, or Currency). Master qualifications can also be created.   Administrators and schedulers can track, schedule, and sign off on qualification completion events easily and intuitively.

The Training Scheduling page allows training managers and supervisors to see and manage training from a summary page and see the status of all crewmembers under their control.  Training completion dates can be tracked, including base, grace and early month calculations when applicable.  Shifts and Trips of crewmembers will be displayed on the page, along with schedule codes to assist in assigning Training events.  Warning notifications can be auto-generated and sent to the crewmember, training manager or any other interested party.

The Go/No Go page summarizes the qualifications, currencies, flight time and duty issues for all crew members scheduled on any given day. A scheduler can see a problem with a qualification, identify exactly what the issue is, solve the issue, and notify anyone who needs to be notified, all within minutes.

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Additional Modules

Line Bidding

The SkedFlex Line Bidding Module allows crew schedulers to build lines of flying and reserve shifts for monthly bidding by the crewmembers and publish them for bidding. Crewmembers can then preference the bid lines for their category (Base/Equipment/Position) during a bidding window using drag/drop capability and/or using criteria from a standing bid. After the bid window closes, a crew scheduler sees the bid lines for each category listed with crew in seniority order allowing line repair operations before assigned lines are published.

Allocation of flying and reserve coverage can be better controlled through line leveling techniques of bid lines before publishing to crewmembers for bidding.  Crewmember morale and quality of life is improved because their personal desires as well as their seniority are factored into the scheduling process.

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Crew Pay Module

The SkedFlex Crew Pay Module allows for crew input, supervisor approval and proper accounting of various factors in order to automatically determine crewmember pay. Many pay factors can be auto-calculated, meaning both crewmembers and administrators will need to spend less time filling out forms. The automated Crew Pay Module is extremely accurate.

The Pay Module allows for the creation of pay triggers that can be set up to either automatically activate in the appropriate circumstance, or be manually activated. A pay rate table can be set up that can be used for determining hourly pay based on position and company longevity. New pay codes can be added at any point, without incurring any additional cost.

Pay data can also be exported as required into specified formats for upload into an external payroll system, such as Ultimate Software’s UltiPro system.

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Fleet Management Module

The SkedFlex Fleet Management module provides aircraft schedulers and maintenance personnel the comprehensive tools they need to create and manage aircraft fleet schedules for both aircraft and, arriving in 2017, other schedulable assets. The module consists of two major components: Aircraft Inspections Tracking and Fleet Schedule Management. It creates customized inspection types and assigns them to aircraft using an intuitive interface. Total aircraft time, cycles, and calendar data is readily available. Display of relevant information is provided in several formats for ease of interpretation. The inspection data “heats up,” providing visual indication of approaching inspection intervals.

This module also integrates inspection tracking to display comprehensive aircraft scheduling and maintenance information in one place. Alternate easily between day-of operations and long-range scheduling to manage the fleet or schedulable assets. Swap aircraft or assets as needed to improve utilization or recover from unplanned maintenance, routing, or weather events. The Fleet Schedule page view options provide multiple levels of detail and functionality to promote efficient workflows, and when combined with the capability to import flight schedules routing problems become apparent, and resolutions are as simple as drag and drop.

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Airport Operations Management Module

Maintaining schedule integrity for arriving and departing flights requires the timely orchestration of sequential events. Running late on so much as a single event can delay an entire operation. Quick remediation of problems is the key to getting back on track when something goes wrong, and alerting and activating the right people at the earliest possible time is essential.

The Airport Operations Management module was developed to provide the command, control, reporting, and delay remediation functions necessary to ensure on-time airport arrival and departure operations.

A graphical listing of events across a Gantt-style interface readily displays event completion, delay, and remediation statuses. Real-time data collection, notification and alerting of event statuses means operations personnel on the local, regional, national, or global level are compelled to take action at the first sign of trouble.

Coupled with business intelligence, powered by Sisense, the Airport Operations Management module further provides granular analysis of operations – and with it, the ability to improve scheduling integrity, efficiency, resource management, frequency of operations, and profitability.

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Network Planning Module (powered by AirSched Solutions)

The AirSched Solutions Network Planning module optimizes the network schedule with customizable and flexible design attributes:

  • Customize data sorting and filtering
  • Customize data report layouts and features
  • Customize the look and feel of the graphical aircraft rotation window
  • Save all customization features in styles that can be copied, edited, and shared or transferred among users
  • Provides algorithms that users can apply to find optimal solutions
  • Gives the user comprehensive tools to further modify solutions
  • Provides extensive reporting enabling user to quickly and effectively assess solutions

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Commercial Planning Module (powered by AirSched Solutions)

Identifying all the appropriate commercial opportunities is virtually impossible without the right tools. The AirSched Solutions Commercial Planning module brings to bear tools that create a platform for:

  • Competitive service analysis
  • Traffic forecast preparation and allocation
  • Timetable, QSI generation, including QSI and SOM calculations
  • Recording of actual flight, revenue and cost performance
  • Route profitability analysis
  • Budget preparation and analysis
  • Comprehensive Data Management Information System with drill-down reporting including general ledger style profitability report

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Maintenance Management Module (powered by QAV Aviation Systems)

Modern aircraft have hundreds of thousands, and even millions of parts! Continuous airworthiness is dependent on precise tracking of the maintenance inspection times and intervals dictated by aircraft manufacturers and regulatory authorities. The MX System, powered by QAV Aviation Systems, is designed to meet the demand for a flexible, comprehensive, and affordable aircraft maintenance system capable of providing the critical information required by today’s operators for:

  • Component tracking
  • Document management
  • Reliability analysis
  • Maintenance planning
  • Flight logs
  • Maintenance control
  • Aircraft status
  • Parts purchasing
  • Inventory control
  • Reports
  • Quick AD (Airworthiness Directives)

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Suite-Wide Feature

Business Intelligence Module (powered by Sisense)

eTT Aviation has partnered with Sisense, a worldwide leader in business intelligence (BI), to integrate BI across the entire SkedFlex Air Operations Suite. The SkedFlex Business Intelligence module provides the tools to exponentially improve situational awareness and evaluation of data by joining multiple, disparate data sources and processing them using state of the art analytics engines. The SkedFlex BI module is so robust, scalable, and adaptable, that any number of complex reports is handled with unparalleled speed and minimal system impact.

eTT Aviation has also innovated an “Intelligence Marketplace” which is a private community where SkedFlex customers browse for free BI reports and buy reports other airlines have created. And when a customer chooses to create a new report, a substantial portion of the proceeds goes back to that customer to recoup the development time and effort.

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100% Web Based SaaS - Rules Engine - QA/Testing Environment

SkedFlex is Software as a Service, so it is centrally hosted without the need for on-site installation or maintenance. It's comprehensive rules engine keeps operators in compliance with applicable rules and regulations. And it's quality assurance and testing environment allows operators to experiment freely outside the production environment.