The Illustrated Structure of our Flight Crew Management System

Explaining our Flight and Crew Management System (FCMS) product can be daunting, because there are so many features. We like to think of it as one of those multifunctional knives that hikers use to confidently manage nearly any situation they could encounter.

Our innovative solution begins with planning support for monthly flight and crew planning, continues into the critical days before the flight, carries throughout the day of operations, and into post-flight analysis, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

So, if we think about FCMS as a “Swiss Army Knife,” here are the individual blades and tools: 

Overview of FCMS Capabilities

Our FCMS platform is meticulously engineered to address the multifaceted aspects of crew management and flight operations. Here’s a glimpse into the key features:

  • Resource Planning & Optimization: Ensuring the best use of staff and equipment for an optimal flight operation with the flexibility to adjust to last-minute, real-world challenges.
  • PBS, Line, & Vacation Bidding: Automate and streamline monthly bidding processes while providing transparency and fairness to the crewmembers.
  • Crew Management & Tracking: Enhance operational visibility with real-time tracking of crew assignments, ensuring optimal deployment and immediate response capabilities.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure crewmembers are safe and legal to fly  through meticulous tracking of flight time, duty time, rest, qualifications, currencies, and documentation of flight crews.
  • Reserve & Open Time Management: Proactively manage crew schedules, mitigating potential disruptions and ensuring adequate coverage for all flights.
  • Flight Release and Close: Facilitate meticulous preparation and conclusion of flights, ensuring all operational parameters are met with precision.
  • Qualification & Training Management: Maintain up-to-date records of crew qualifications, certifications, and training, ensuring compliance and readiness.
  • Crew Pay Management: Automate complicated and laborious processes for accurately determining precise pay for crewmembers in accordance to collective bargaining agreements.
  • Flight Log & Pilot Log Book: Accurately record and store flight data, enabling thorough post-flight reviews and compliance adherence.
  • Trip / Shift Trading: Empower crew members with the flexibility to trade trips and shifts, enhancing satisfaction and work-life balance.
  • Notification Management: Ensure timely and effective communication across all levels, keeping everyone informed and aligned.
  • Fleet Management & MX Inspection: Oversee the health and readiness of the aircraft fleet, ensuring safety and operational integrity.
  • Flight Scheduling & Tracking: Leverage advanced scheduling tools to optimize flight operations, improve punctuality, and enhance passenger satisfaction.
  • Reports & Dashboards: Access real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions, monitor performance, and identify improvement opportunities.
  • API, BI Data Replications & Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, ensuring a unified and efficient operational ecosystem.

Each feature of FCMS is designed with the specific stages of flight operations in mind: from long range planning, into the days leading to the flight  , through the intricacies of day-of operations, all the way through to detailed post-flight analysis. Our comprehensive diagram, linked below, illustrates how FCMS supports airlines in each of these critical stages, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency.

We invite you to explore the full graphic to understand how eTT Aviation’s FCMS can transform your flight operations. For more information or to discuss how our solution can be tailored to meet your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to supporting your operations and ensuring your success in the competitive aviation industry.


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