eTT Aviation Purchases MISA – Supercharging the Air Operations Suite

BOISE, ID – January 29, 2019. eTT Aviation announces its purchase of Management Information System for Aviation (MISA) from IT Aviation Solutions (ITAS), bringing extensive new capabilities to the SkedFlex Air Operations Suite family of products.

SkedFlex is a comprehensive air operations suite providing the next generation of crew management products to the aviation sector while providing employees a better quality of life — a critical factor in employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction given the shortage of qualified pilots and vigorous competition among air carriers.

MISA, a market entrant in 1994, provides aviation companies with integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) capabilities to manage accounting, government contract accounting, flight operations, purchasing, inventory management, maintenance recording and forecasting, aircraft records, employee training records, human resources, payroll, technical publications, timecards, and flight-school management.

“Our purchase of MISA exemplifies our ongoing commitment to continually improve and enhance the SkedFlex Air Operations Suite to the benefit of our many existing and future customers,” said eTT Aviation President Tom LaJoie.
The addition of MISA’s complementary capabilities creates a broad-based solution to a wide range of aviation companies including global, regional, charter and cargo airlines, as well as maintenance and repair organizations (MRO) and flight schools.

About eTripTrader, Inc., dba eTT Aviation
eTT Aviation is a US veteran-owned company, headquartered in Eagle, Idaho, specializing in cloud-based airline crew and flight schedule management solutions that revolutionize the way airlines achieve scheduling flexibility, compliance and control, all while steadfastly adhering to its core values of integrity, innovation, and exemplary customer support.

eTT Aviation’s flagship products, SkedFlex (air operations suite), and Crew Companion (world-class trip trading), support tens of thousands of aviation professionals at global, regional, charter, and cargo airlines worldwide.

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