West Air, Inc. Chooses the SkedFlex Air Operations Suite Flight and Crew Management System

BOISE, ID – May 21, 2019. West Air, Inc. has secured a multi-year contract with eTT Aviation for its SkedFlex Flight and Crew Management System — providing West Air the next generation of software solutions to further improve the efficiency and resultant profitability of its complex regional cargo operations.

SkedFlex is a suite of tools providing airlines and air operators the ability to schedule and manage flights, crewmembers, and aircraft in a flexible, efficient, and visual manner. Coupled with its proprietary rules engines, SkedFlex helps ensure control and regulatory compliance with complex flight and duty limitations and rest requirements, all while providing employees a better quality of life — a critical factor in retention, productivity, and satisfaction given the shortage of qualified pilots and competition among air carriers.

“We at West Air are excited about SkedFlex’s advanced visual presentation and its new integration with our existing MISA system [recently purchased by eTT Aviation],” said West Air President Beth Wood.

About West Air, Inc.

West Air provides cargo feeder services to major worldwide courier companies and individual cargo charter services since 1987. The Company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with offices and associated companies in Fresno, California.

West Air is successfully managed by a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in cargo and passenger airline operations, providing the necessary leadership qualities to secure a steady growth and profitability in ever changing markets.

West Air operates pursuant to the rigid requirements demanded by its courier customers for safety and on-time performance.

The Company’s fleet consists of 38 Cessna Grand Caravan 208B aircraft operating in the Western United States.

About eTripTrader, Inc. dba eTT Aviation.

eTT Aviation is a US veteran-owned company, headquartered in Eagle, Idaho, specializing in scalable aviation flight, crew, maintenance, accounting, inventory, HR, and management information solutions that revolutionize the way airlines achieve scheduling flexibility, compliance and control, all while steadfastly adhering to its core values of integrity, innovation, and exemplary customer support.

eTT Aviation’s flagship products, SkedFlex Air Operations Suite (FCMS & MISA), and Crew Companion (world-class trip trading), support tens of thousands of aviation professionals at global, regional, charter, and cargo airlines worldwide.

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