Air Choice One secures multi-year contract with eTT Aviation for SkedFlex

BOISE, ID – November 14, 2016. Air Choice One has secured a multi-year contract with eTT Aviation for its SkedFlex Air Operations Suite. SkedFlex will greatly enhance Air Choice One’s ability to navigate the complex flight, duty, and rest requirements mandated by the FAA, as well as the complexities of aircraft routing and station operations, as it continues to expand its operations and route network.

SkedFlex is a suite of innovative crew and aircraft management tools, providing its airline customers with the advanced capabilities they need to manage their flight  schedules  at  a fraction of the cost of the outdated and less customer-focused solutions used elsewhere. In automating many processes and reporting functions that heretofore have been accomplished either manually or with less capable software, SkedFlex significantly reduces workload and improves operational efficiency and communication, while ensuring regulatory  compliance. Flight operations, flight crews, maintenance personnel, and station personnel will be able to utilize the software on a user level to view and manage schedules, training currency/compliance, day-to-day routing, and much more.

“We’re excited to have this new tool at Air Choice One because it will further enhance our operational efficiency as we continue to expand our first-class product in our markets,” said Shane Storz, CEO of Air Choice One.

About Multi-Aero Inc., dba Air Choice One

Based in St. Louis, MO, Air Choice One was launched as a scheduled airline providing service to hard-to-reach communities, and supports community development by increasing business productivity while enhancing the travel experience for business and leisure travelers alike.

Air Choice One offers an extraordinary opportunity for smaller communities – the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of efficient, scheduled airline service into larger cities, like St. Louis, Chicago and Minneapolis packaged in a “First-Class” service and seating format. Air Choice One’s goal  is to deliver the highest quality and reliability in scheduled commercial air service.

About eTripTrader, Inc., dba eTT Aviation

Based in Eagle, ID, and founded in 2002, eTT Aviation provides automated crew and aircraft management and tracking systems for regional airlines as well as automated employee shift trading and aircrew trip trading systems for large airlines and companies in other industries. eTT Aviation’s two innovative products, “SkedFlex” and “Crew Companion” support over 40,000 employees at several global, regional, cargo and charter airlines.

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